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Events-- Past and Future

Links and details of events past and upcoming 

la mama poetica March 2023



We kick off Poetica 2023 with four gutsy poetic voices including Mammad Aidani, who investigates the experience of Iranian and Middle Eastern immigrants and refugees and whose writings have been banned in Iran. We feature the poetry of Misbah Wolf, author of ‘Rooftops in Karachi’ and ‘Carapace’ (2022) and currently working on “an almighty, beautiful heretical book”! Ecopoet Anne Elvey deconstructs the opposition between culture and nature in these times of ecological crisis in her book “leaf” (2022) and Les Wicks, published across 36 countries and 15 languages, will read from his 15th poetry collection “Time Taken – New and Selected” (2022).

Poets: Mammad Aidani, Misbah Wolf, Anne Elvey and Les Wicks

Host: Amanda Anastasi

Emerging Writers Festival  June 2023

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