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Misbah Wolf is a dynamic and engaging writer, musician, and artist residing on the unceded lands of the Wurundjeri people. With a Masters in Creative Writing from the University of QLD and post-graduate qualifications in Research Methods, Misbah brings a wealth of knowledge and artistic talent to her diverse range of endeavors.

During her impressive career, Misbah served as a poetry reviewer for Hecate Women's Journal under the esteemed guidance of Professor Carole Ferrier. She later showcased her editorial skills as a guest editor for Mascara Literary Review in 2014, collaborating with renowned poet and Deputy Editor Michelle Cahill.

As an accomplished author, Misbah has published two captivating books: "Rooftops in Karachi" (Vagabond Press, 2018) and "Carapace" (Vagabond Press, 2022). Her thought-provoking poetry has been celebrated for over 15 years, enchanting audiences at prestigious arts festivals such as the Queensland Poetry Festival, Sydney Writers Festival, and Brisbane's Slam Poetry Festival. In 2019, Misbah demonstrated her artistic versatility by contributing as a costume and art developer for theatre in the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Beyond her written work, Misbah has generously shared her creative talents through teaching writing workshops and hosting radio shows on Melbourne's RRR. She has taught English at Swinburne University and facilitated empowering writing workshops for women and non-binary people of color alongside Auntie Stephanie Armstrong at The Victoria Writers Centre.

Misbah's literary achievements have garnered high praise and recognition. Her debut book, "Rooftops in Karachi," received a highly commendable mention in the Shapcott Poetry Prize and earned acclaim from influential figures such as Thomas Shapcott, Bronwyn Lea, and John Kinsella. The impact of her poetic voice on the Australian poetry scene has been acknowledged in publications such as The Australian and essays by Bronwyn Lea and John Kinsella.

Her work has been featured in esteemed literary publications, including Mascara Literary Review, Peril Magazine, Australia Poetry Journal, Cordite, Slow Canoe, Solid Air: Australian and New Zealand Spoken Word, and. Misbah's writing has also graced the airwaves through appearances on ABC's Radio National Poetica.

In addition to her poetry, Misbah's fiction has captivated readers in Peril and earned a place in the longlist of the Liminal Fiction Prize. Her work was subsequently published in the anthology "Collisions-Fictions of the Future: An anthology of Australian writers of Colour" in 2020.

Misbah's talent extends to critical engagement and thoughtful responses to important themes. Cordite commissioned her in 2019 to contribute as a guest writer on the theme of resistance, and she was invited to contribute to the same theme in the Australian Poetry Journal, Volume 7, 2019, edited by John Kinsella.

Continuing to make her mark in the literary world, Misbah has recently published new works in Overland Literary Journal and Cordite in 2022, with her writing receiving commendation from Thomas Moody on the Best American Poetry blog. She also had work published in Admissions in the same year.

With her latest book, "Carapace," released in March 2022, Misbah delves into the realm of prose poetry, exploring personal accounts of mental illness, sexuality, and vulnerability within the context of share-housing.

Looking ahead, Misbah's creative journey continues to unfold. She is collaborating with renowned poet David Stavanger on a poetry piece for Red Room Poetry and  showcased her talent at Poetica, La Mama theatre in Melbourne on the 28th of March 2023. She also performed new pagan work with her band The Shimmering Dark at Emerging Writers Festival  on the 22nd June 2023 for Hibernal in celebration of the solstice.

Misbah Wolf's multifaceted artistic contributions and her ability to captivate audiences through her poignant words and evocative performances establish her as a truly remarkable and influential figure in the Australian arts scene.

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