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All the images here have either been commissioned by on-line journals or the artwork has been produced for commercial purposes.  Much of my work uses cut-ups and I enjoy employing different mediums to achieve unexpected effects. 


The above piece was commissioned by Cordite and I chose to create a cut-up spell in response to police brutality. Inspired by Throbbing Gristle's Sigils and spell work--I chose to create an invocation for protesters to use against police brutality--   2019. Mixed media using my poetry and magazine clippings

The below series 'Dreamscapes' is a commissioned work I did for the Queensland Poetry festival. There is an interview which explores more deeply the meaning of landscapes that you can access by clicking the title 'dreamscapes'.

Featured first in Peril QPF 2014.
Dreamscapes-Brisbane-Series-1-Part-B (1)_edited.jpg
Dreamscapes-Brisbane-Series-1-Part-D (1)

Barefoot Countess-2019. Using water colours and ink on paper A4

Collette 2019- Ink and watercolours A4


Collette and Cat 2021- Ink and watercolours A4


Lilith. 2022 - Ink and watercolours A4

The Sphinx-  2020- Ink and watercolours A4


Girl on train 1 - 2021- Acrylic and Ink on Canvas 80cmx 60cm

Tree Goddess- Gold pen,- 2020 Acrylic, and Pen on Canvas- 80cm-60cm

Mascara- 2021  Acrylic on canvas -60cmx70cm

Sleepless awake 2022- Acrylic on Canvas 70cm x 70cm


Girl on train 2- 2021- Acrylic on Canvas 70cmx 70cm

Washing across the abyss 2019- Acrylic and pen on Canvas- 70cm x 80cm

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