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The Vanishing point

OUt of the corner of your mouth

i travel to the edges of your kiss

towards the horizon

towards the vanishing point

t              o          wards the vanishing point

towards the


vanishing point

confronted with your beauty

i fall

and i unravel 

and these feelings travel

towards the                         vanishing             

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Zero one

Zero  zero zero One


        Oh my love


                I come undone

Guns are loud


                     and make a mess

and you are going


                      to ruin your dress

Music to moving image

Music video 'Vanishing Point'

Putting music to moving images is kind of exhilarating--it's the way I imagine the song would be played out if the entire world was a musical. The still across the page is from a movie about serpent women who lure men/women to their demise--perfect and was free to use in the public domain. Editing film is so easy nowadays and I prefer doing my editing and mixing as I want to follow the trail of my musical breadcrumbs.  The song that plays is called 'The Vanishing Point' and it is about the dissolution of the self through love--perfect again I feel with the accompanying images of a beautiful woman doing the serpent dance to lure others into dissolution.  

Click on the Serpent Queen to watch the video

Music video 'Zero One'

This video is a cut up of several films, including a Charlie Chaplin film, The Mark of Zorro, and some footage from home movies. I comb the sea for wreckage, I comb the sands for bright glass and find old silent films that once cut-up seem in my mind to be made for my music. The song 'Zero One' has been performed at several events over the years and the title was inspired by Zadie Plant's book 'Zeros and Ones', which is about the history of computers and women's relationship to them. But then this song is also an homage to Dorothy Parker, as well as a big nod towards Baudrillard's 'Simulacra and Simulation' and the idea ( again ) of the dissolution of the real into several stages of representation. 

What is real? What is this life?  I know--big questions...but I was heavily into a lot of philosophy (still am). This song is about 'beingness' and 'nothingness'. Through the middle is a song.

touch Zorro and the heroine to go to the video

Video Poem 'Etiquette for the Heretic'

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Etiquette for the heretic

Touch the image to go to the video poem

I had so much fun making this. It was originally for a live performance at a Melbourne show and I had to respond to the film on stage, speaking back to the voice of the 'prophetess'. Influenced by the stories of the Oracle at Delphi, the priestesses who spoke with the divine and then relayed their messages to folk such as Plato thousands of years ago I was inspired to create this indulgent poem when I stumbled upon a vintage etiquette video for young girls and boys.  So I asked myself ' What if the prophetess/ or HAL 9000 from 2001 Space Odyssey started to go off the rails (which the computer did as you may recall) What if the merely mundane social rules started to fall apart through cutting into the etiquette book and mixing it with a kind of 'channeling'  of poetry? What is the message? Can ANYTHING PROFOUND be found? Is it just nonsense? What is the message you hear?

Screenshot 2023-02-09 at 11_edited_edite


We dance like a bird on a gravestone

We turn like earthworms under

We like the dark

We like the dark

We shine a light from behind our eyes

We like to be surprised in the forest

This song was written in another life when my partner and I were very much living hand to mouth. We hustled and we

were able to make a home, like we always do. If you pay attention to the lyrics they express the idea that the wildness of one's true being is inside the heart, and nowhere else. The home to return to is the home of the self, the journey back to the full realisation of your own divinity. Sometimes, one needs to be in the dark, sit in the dark and dance in the dark--what fear have you if the light is coming from within?

Life and death are part of the same breath cycle, and the little me continually reincarnates in such dizzying and multiple lifetimes that the beloved says 'Darling I know, you don't want to lay your bones down on this heavy earth again'. They are aware of the dilemma. 

But she says 'We dance like a bird on a gravestone, we turn like earthworms under' --offering a clue to the riddle of life and death.

Click on the image to go to the video

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