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I am a creature of sound. In fact it is through sound that some of my greatest treasures reveal themselves.

Sound offers something that my entire body can feel. Sound vibrations are the last sense to leave you when you die according to Tibetan monks.  Sound vibrations are one of the first senses you have pre-birth.  Sound is evocative, subtle, vibrational. 

Performing at Hares and Hyenas--Photo by K. Supski


In truth, I was making music before I started writing--or rather I was doing both in tandem. I lived in a strange creative relationship with my first partner, and we produced a lot of music together. I was also in a spacerock band for a while. It's true. I screamed so much I've fried my vocals for good. 

That was another lifetime ago. But some of it was very beautiful.

I really don't have any of those recordings but I have a whole catalogue of soundscapes, music and poetry. As fate would have it--I always seem to be intimately tied to creative lover partnerships, so I have been blessed with a glorious lover who is also a glorious musical partner.  

I have also worked with other musicians over the decades, including beloved Daevid Allen from Gong and the elusive and magnetic Kavi tree-- a multi-instrumentalist magician who lives in the hills of Nimbin.

My current working projects are an audio collection from my prose book CARAPACE, where I use music and soundscapes with my partner Nick to create more voluminous interpretations of my prose.

Collaborating with Nick Wolf

The Shimmering Dark

This is some of my music from my on-going experimental band called The Shimmering Dark. 

Well, this music is a pure joy to make and I  find great pleasure in collaborating with other people. I'm incredibly fortunate that the creature I make most of my music with also happens to be my lover. I think it gives the music something extra. 

The Shimmering dark pays homage and is a nod to the gnostic idea of the  great mystery, the something behind the veil, the dreamer awakened.

Some of these songs also have accompanying videos that you can find in my VISION invocation of this website.

There are many tracks for you to scroll through, some of which have been inspired by my second book 'Carapace'. I have converted FINALLY my poetry to its original heart space---SOUND AND VOICE, because I want to re-establish the intimacy, the time, the longing and take you on the journey with me.

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